Leadership & Accountability
This election is not about Republicans versus Democrats; it’s about making the best decisions for the future of Northeastern Baltimore County. Our delegates in Annapolis should be accountable to the people they represent, not the parties they represent. I will always put you first.

Prioritizing Education & Public Safety
Good schools and safe neighborhoods are essential features in a healthy and thriving community. I am committed to giving our teachers and public safety officials the resources they need to educate our children and keep our streets and homes safe.

Creating a Friendly Business Climate
Small businesses are the heart and soul of our economy, creating jobs and supporting our communities. Instead of burdening small business owners with more red tape, we should be listening to their concerns. I plan to form a Small Business Advisory Council to begin this dialogue and to help spur economic growth in our district’s vibrant business sectors.

Making Government Work for You
I am committed to making state government more efficient and responsive to your needs. Whether it’s cutting down on long lines at the MVA or repairing potholes in our roads in a timely manner, I will work hard to ensure that taxpayers are receiving a good return on their investment.

Fighting for Senior Citizens in Annapolis
Improving the overall quality of life for the seniors in our community is one of my top priorities. I will be a strong voice in Annapolis for our district’s large senior population.